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A Survey on Wormhole Attack Prevention: ASWAP Prof.Smita Pawar, Steffi Saldanha , Silviya Mouris, Leena Mariaselvam Abstract
An ad-hoc network has a dynamic topology. The network is self organizing and adaptive which repeatedly changes its topology .Nodes can be easily added into the network and hence security issues are a major concern in such networks. It’s broadcasting character and transmission medium helps the attacker to interrupt the network. In this paper, we have elaborated on a severe attack called as wormhole attack, its causes and the techniques that are available to detect and prevent the attack. Also a comparative study of the techniques is done and their pros and cons have been stated. Introduction
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This is a type of denial of service attack. DOS attack is an active attack on a network in which an attacker can disrupt the normal operation of the network. Here Fig.1 shows an example of a wormhole attack. In this attack, an attacker captures packets at one location, tunnels them to another location of the network, where it is retransmitted into the network [2]. A wormhole attack comprises one or more guileful node, if the network is large the two or more colluding nodes can be present. Out of these nodes, one lies at the source end while the other lies near the destination node. Recent studies have classified the wormhole attack in various ways, these attacks are classified as stated below [5,6]. In the way these nodes are implemented; The medium chosen by these nodes; In the way they attack, on the bases of their…show more content…
Here is a list of wormhole attacks based on the on the active mode of participation :
1) Out-of Band: In this type of mode the colluding nodes are connected to each other via an external link. A channel with a high bandwidth is used for creation of the external.
2)High Power Transmission: In this type of mode when the source node forward the packet the attacker node captures it and transmits it to the destination node with a high power, it enforces the nodes to follow the wormhole link and so that all traffic passes to this path. The detection and prevention of the wormhole are the two main ideas that are being focused on. For the detection and prevention of wormhole there are various techniques available such as liteworp, packet leash, cluster based, and many more.
The remainder of this paper is set as follows. We first give a brief explanation of the wormhole detection and prevention techniques that are available. Then we give a comparative study of the methods.
Methods of wormhole detection
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