Year Round School Pros And Cons

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Long breaks are stealing students ' knowledge right from their hands and making teachers precisely planned lessons go to waste. When students come back from long breaks, such as summer, they can’t even remember what math is. This is because having more of these long breaks gives pupils a lengthy span of time to do nothing. At the beginning of the summer students are so excited when they can finally put on their swimsuits and hang out with their friends. As the summer goes on they start to get bored of sitting at home. Spread out shorter term breaks means that students will be able to retain more knowledge, low income families will be able to save more money, and overcrowding will have a solution. There are many arguments regarding the subject…show more content…
It is able to do this because bigger schools will put their students on tracks. Which means, different tracks have different schedules. For example, let 's say that a school has 5 tracks ⅗ of those tracks will stay in school while the other ⅖ are on vacation. This also helps students to get more attention from their teachers without having to take time out of their own day to visit the instructor and ask for help. Year-round schools can serve 150 to 200 more students than schools on a traditional calendar (Wral). Year round schooling could have the answer to many large schools ' problems. Helping with overcrowding and giving more students the attention they deserve could possibly boost the experience of many…show more content…
I believe that year round schooling will greatly benefit students, teachers, and families. "Since most of us grew up with the traditional calendar, changing to year-round [suggests] that we did it wrong.... It is human nature to resist change, (but) I believe the traditional nine months on, three months off calendar is educational malpractice," said Nautilus Elementary school Principal, Hazel Colebank (qtd. In Chaika). Is the fear of change shielding us from a better way of

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