Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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Instead of providing animals with lifetime care, zoos separate animals that have built lifetime long bonds causing traumatic transitions all their life. Spending the day at your local zoo has been a preferred attraction for years, but a lot of people are not informed about the consequences it has on many of its inhabitants. Animals often are seen performing extensive pacing in their enclosure, over grooming themselves, and sham-chewing as a result of their unnatural confinement.
Through time there have been numerous recognized cases of humans caging animals for entertainment. writes about many early versions of zoos. The first on their list was in Egypt in 3500 BC. There were an assortment of animals such as hippos, elephants, baboons, and wildcats kept. Pharos of the time used the capture and display of animals as a demonstration of their power. Montezuma, who was an emperor of the Aztec empire, had an aquarium with twenty ponds of both saltwater and freshwater creatures. Along with that he had 300 people to care for all his animals for him. Todays zoos have changed to some extent, but still contain many exhibits, animals, and cages. Years of time shifted the Egyptian example of power to a business of entertainment.
That business wants the impression of a zoo being an entertaining and educational activity. Zoos state that they educate visitors and enlighten people about animals and how they live, act, and survive in the wild, but they give little to no information
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