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Zoo is the interesting place that many families want to visit there on vacation or when they have free time because this place is a resource. The zoo is always attracted for many children, this place have a lot of amazing things that can make children delightful and surprising. Children can see the animal show and learn type of animals closely not only in the picture or when their teacher tech on the school but they can also feed animals by themselves. So, the zoo is attraction place in their dream however, zoo have the one side that many people don’t unexpected moreover, this place may not be happy for someone that they were captivity a long time. There are three reasons why zoo is not appropriate for animals. Animals loose of freedom…show more content…
A lot of families use zoos to teach their children but in according to the circular website a CAPS study of UK aquariums found that “41% of the animals on display had no signs identifying their species – the most basic of information” and “A US study found no compelling evidence for the claim that zoos and aquariums promote attitude change, education, or interest in conservation in visitors. The study authors urged zoos to stop citing a zoo-funded study which claimed an educational benefit from visits “as this conclusion is unwarranted and potentially misleading to consumers.” (Captive Animals, CPS)2. Moreover,” In 2010, a Government-commissioned study found that “Concerns remain, however with regard to the lack of available evidence about the effectiveness” of conservation and education projects in zoos.”(Captive Animals, CPS)2. Many zoos require to help with conservation but animals in zoo also cannot live in the real life when they are released. According to vegan peace website “Most zoo animals released in the wild don 't survive. This is because zoos don 't provide the right environment for a successful captive breeding project. The animals would need to live in habitats resembling their natural ones, especially in terms of climate and fauna. The animals would also need to be raised with minimal human contact and in populations large enough to provide a natural social balance and a suitable gene pool.”(vegan peace)4.
In conclusion, there are many ways why zoo is not appropriate for animals as above-mentioned. In my opinion, zoos not only always good side but also bad side however, animals should live in the natural that they were born because there is appropriate place for them. Animals can learn how to living in a natural habitat. They are free, happy in their life, and make environment
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