Pros And Cons On Abortion

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Abortion has been a large political debate for the past several years, but pro-life used to be on the left side and pro-choice used to be on the right side, now it is the exact opposite. This editorial is by Alexandra Desanctis, she talks about how “Leftists shut out women who freely choose life, and they ignore the pain of women who were coerced into having abortions.” She published this editorial to on January 10, 2018. Alexandra Desanctis achieved rhetorical effectiveness through the use of logos. The argument that Alexandra Desanctis makes is that pro-choice people do not really care if women have an actual choice, making them pro-abortionist. Her first point that she makes is that pro-choicers have a very negative attitude toward women who choose life. She also states that pro-choicers ignore women forced into choosing abortion. She then makes the point that after having an abortion, women are expected to celebrate it and if they do not then they appear to be betraying the push toward women’s rights. Alexandra Desanctis’ audience is to anyone interested in the topic of abortion, but it calls out to those who are pro-choice and makes them question if they truly are pro-choice or if they are pro-abortion. Her argument calls out pro-choicers by proving the statement made by so many pro-choicers wrong, “Favoring abortion rights isn’t about liking abortion. It’s a matter of supporting every woman’s right to choose for herself.” After quoting what most

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