Pros And Cons: The Criticism Of Drones

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The criticism of the drone grows

The debate on unmanned aircraft known as drones, have really taken off in the US in recent months. Now it 's not just the US military 's use abroad criticized, resistance grows even against the increasing use within its own borders.

Unmanned aircraft, called drones, used by the US during the Vietnam War, but the last ten years, development has continued in the "war on terror". According to the American think tank the New America Foundation have up to 2 700 people have been killed in drone attacks in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen since 2004. Many of those killed have been civilians, which brought great disgust around the world.

The pilotless aircraft controlled from bases in the United States and are used to a much greater extent now than under the former president, Republican George W. Bush 's time in power.

The thing that brought the biggest debate in the United States is the
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- Discussion of drones has never been as evident as now. Sure, there have been critical voices before, but then it has always been a matter of an international character. Now it 's very much about the use within the United States, she says to the worker.

Recently announced namely New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that the drones may soon control the security on the streets of the metropolis. The statement has led many critics to talk about the ultimate surveillance society.

- I think we have only seen the beginning of what this can do. Although I feel that the criticism had more space in the media, but the more cost effective it is, the more we will probably see the drones that perform including border surveillance in the United States, says Frida Stranne.

Even in the current situation allows the US Supreme Court police use of unarmed drones to scout for instance marijuana plantations or the Border Guard against Mexico. Two years ago, sent an unmanned aircraft in the air over the state of North Dakota to search for cattle

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