Persuasive Essay On Gun Control Pros And Cons

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Gun control is a heavily debated topic that many people stand for and against. Gun control has many different backgrounds as well. With gun control there will be less mass shootings like the 2016 shooting in Orlando and the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas (“Gun”). Gun Control laws will help prevent this because it will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and any other type of released terrorist the best it can.To understand gun control more, it is important to know about the laws passed, pros, and cons. Although there are many different topics that are important to Gun Control, some may believe that the most important is about the laws of Gun Control. There are many laws that have been passed to help and prevent Gun Control so it…show more content…
Gun Control is a good thing in many different ways for many people. However, when you have a law abiding citizen who can not purchase a gun because the restrictions are too high then there is a problem. Gun Control was made to keep a person who has something on their record like drunk driving multiple times, armed robbery, or illegal citizen from buying a gun because the government wants to keep everyone safe and does not want to harm anybody. As stated in my research found in a world encyclopedia, “Many people own guns for the protection of their home.” (“Gun 440”). What the article is saying is that if you take away the handgun of a citizen who has done no harm, and when there is a need for the protection of your family and they have no gun then they have nothing else to do but hide and hope the criminal does not find them before the police come. In conclusion, Gun Control can be good in many different ways, until it interferes with the protection of someone else's life or family. To understand gun control more it is important to know about the laws passed, pros, and cons. The laws that were passed play an important role in Gun control and they can help the crime rates with guns go down. Gun Control can do its job with interfering with law abiding gun owners as little as possible. Many people believe that Gun Control laws are not going to stop the rate of murders and deaths go down because they say that it is not the
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