Pros And Cons To Get Rid Of Sports Essay

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Final Sports Essay

A variety of children participate in school funded sports, however, they may not be the best thing for schools to continue to support. Having them could increase stress and add extra burdens on students already busy lives. Therefore, schools should remove sports to help districts save an immense amount of money, raise student test scores, and diminish academic distractions.

As most people are aware, schools have difficult budgets to work with; therefore, eliminating sports will save districts money that they need to improve their students learning experience. In Amanda Ripley’s article, Should Your School Get Rid of Sports? she stated, that for some schools, “New bleachers can cost half a million dollars. Maintaining a grass field can cost $20,000 a year” (10). She goes on to state, “Concessions-that is, snacks sold at the games-rarely cover these costs” (Ripley 10). Clearly, trying to keep sports is far too expensive if schools want to
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Ripley states, “Players spend long hours practicing, and that commitment extends to the rest of the school-from late-night band practices and pep rallies to meetings with parents,” (11). She continues, “During football season in particular, focus shifts away from learning,” (Ripley 11). If districts want students to have serious commitment and overall concentration in their studies, sports should no longer be provided. Therefore, schools need to abandon sports to decrease academic distraction and help pave the way to students’ success.

To help students do better in school and save more money for districts, schools need to remove sports. The elimination of sports will greatly benefit students and districts alike, while allowing the student body more time for education. Therefore, the elimination of sport will greatly benefit students, districts, and teachers alike, making students’ futures brighter than ever
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