Pros And Cons To Vaccinate Children

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Vaccines have notoriously been a controversial topic throughout the news world. Mothers and fathers are faced with the decision of whether or not they should vaccinate their children. Depending upon where your children will be attending school, vaccinating may not be a choice but rather a requirement. The country in which you live can also be a key factor as to whether or not vaccines are available. People living in impoverished countries may not have access to vaccines. Due to this lack of access, impoverished countries typically have a much higher prevalence of preventable diseases. Vaccines have a direct impact to the increasing age expectancy throughout the world, which is why I am pro-vaccine.
It'd be naive to think the increased age expectancy over the last century isn't directly correlated to the improvement, study, and administration of vaccines. There are other factors that have contributed to the increased age expectancy, but vaccines have been a major key. I have been asked before, "Have you ever gotten the smallpox vaccine?" This question is good proof as to how successful vaccines have been. I never had to receive the smallpox vaccine because it was eradicated in the U.S. before I was born.
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It blows my mind when parents choose to not vaccinate their children because a family member, friend, or the media has misinformed them. People are too quick to jump to conclusions because they read an article or news story. Before judging whether or not the article is valid, consider the source. When I watched a documentary produced from the anti-vaccine perspective, they used isolated cases of bad reactions and exploited them. They fail to show the millions of vaccines that were given with no bad reaction or adverse effects. They also fail to consider how many diseases are
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