Pros And Cons To Year-Round School

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There are pros and cons to year round schooling. Summer should be a time for kids to get a break from the previous school year. Another reason is that kids should do enriching activities in the summer, along with scheduling fun, family trips. Although, year round schooling makes it difficult for these things to happen during the summer. Year round schools can also help prevent summer learning loss, or “summer slide”. The first reason why kids should have summer break is that it is a stress reliever. According to Kathleen Blanchard et al., taking vacations can reduce stress. When letting off stress, kids can ease their mind and find easier solutions to problems. In addition, for the body to relax and repair itself, kids need time off (Blanchard et al.) As a student, summer vacations give him or her a way to relax and take a break off. As well as Blanchard et al. reports, by taking time off can help kids’ mental skills for when they get back into school. Aside from stress, taking a break or vacation can help with a kid’s physical health. Stress can cause many…show more content…
According to Sindhu Nair, year round schools can get in the way of family activities and other summer plans. Families would have to change around dates and schedules because of year round school. Some people think that year round schools also change American lifestyle (Nair). Year round schools make it difficult to plan vacations that kids enjoy off from school. According to Sonny Long, it is difficult for kids and families to transition to a year round school because the schedules are so different. Students wouldn’t have the same schedules as everyone else so it would be hard to schedule. Families have trouble finding days where everyone is off at the same time (Long). Year round schools have many short breaks off when normal schools have a couple long breaks. Kids like going on vacations and year round schooling makes that
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