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Who is responsible for stopping bullying? Are the schools responsible? Now with the new technology bullying has increased because student are not just being bullied at school now they are being bullied online. Bullying is when you are being harassed or teased by gender, race color, national origin, and disability. If any of these examples are violated it can be considered bullying or can also be consider as a violation of Education Law Department of Justice. The school needs to be involved when bullying is happen, even outside of school because students don’t feel safe, not even at school, and to put a stop to the bullying (what is bullying).
There was once a girl named by the name of Amanda Todd. Amanda was like any other teenager
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She got pressured by someone during the video chat to reveal her body under her shirt. At that moment that was when a fellow video chatter took a picture that he used to change her life completely. Amanda did not know anything about it till the anonymous person sent it to all her facebook friends, even her own mom. Since Amanda took this action her overall well being became low. Amanda did not even feel normal going out in public. Amanda lived her life hiding because she was always scared. especially at School. For example, when Amanda would go to school she would get teased or called names for what she have done. It had gotten so bad that she had to transfer to a new school. However moving schools did not help the situation because it also got brought up at her new school. When Amanda transferred to her new school she got beat up really bad by a couple of girls. Because someone who had the picture made a like page on facebook and the profile picture was her. The person added all her facebook friends and her school to the like page. Then the photo was sent to over 280 people on her facebook friends. That was her biggest breaking point. Nothing was done about it and it seemed to never end for her. With this being said, Amanda did not feel safe at school. With the bullying going on at her school it got so bad that she did not want to go out anymore or even go to school.

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