Pros And Consequences Of Bullying

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Who is responsible for stopping bullying? Are the schools responsible? Now with the new technology bullying has increased because student are not just being bullied at school now they are being bullied online. Bullying is when you are being harassed or teased by gender, race color, national origin, and disability. If any of these examples are violated it can be considered bullying or can also be consider as a violation of Education Law Department of Justice. The school needs to be involved when bullying is happen, even outside of school because students don’t feel safe, not even at school, and to put a stop to the bullying (what is bullying).
There was once a girl named by the name of Amanda Todd. Amanda was like any other teenager all over technology and social networking sites. Amanda loved to be on camera because she would sing. When she learned how to upload videos on youtube she started posting videos of her singing. Sounds like she lived a happy life right? Everything was okay until she made a mistake that would change her life around completely.
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Even if the school does something about bullying sometimes still sometimes does not stop. The school should not be involved in serious cases. Like in the Amanda Todd story. Amanda was bullied at school and mostly online. The police got involved which was when Amanda was bullied a lot online harassed with pictures and no longer had her own personal boundaries. None of the schools she went to was not much help even transferring did not help. The cops had to find the one who was harassing her with a little bit of the schools help. There was a lot of investigation trying to find the man. When the found the man they found out that he has been harassing not just her but was harassing other younger girls and had photos too. Fortunately that the cops were involved they put the man to an end of everything he could have done to girls like he did to Amanda

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