Pros And Consequences Of Consumer Vulnerability

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What do we mean by Consumer Vulnerability? A consumer vulnerability is meant by the definition that it is the people’s one’s own ability to participate in different communication markets and overall society is affected by factors like their age, physical disability, income and their geographical location. Life events such as mental illness can temporarily reduce people’s ability to participate in society and or to increase their dependence on certain communications services. Whereas, a vulnerable consumer is someone who is especially prone to disadvantage, due to their personal circumstances like low resources of income, time, money, secondly like memory problems caused by age, dementia, thirdly like poor financial situation and low basic skills and fourthly like mental health conditions like depression or anxiety and legal status, etc. particularly and most importantly when a firm is not acting with appropriate measures of care and support. Consumers however in vulnerable situations might be less able to present own thoughts, reviews, and interests and in addition to that they are more likely to tolerate or suffer damages or loss or harm than the average consumer.…show more content…
In terms of communications skills, it can have a number of negative consequences like firstly; an individual can become all alone if he or she does not contact with their family and friends over time and distant. Secondly; they may not be able to take part or participate with confidence among people of different minds freely. Thirdly; they may suffer from financial crisis which is important due to joblessness, low skills and poor knowledge, etc. If a person is financially fit and secure then he or she would be able to face any problems confidently whether inside or

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