Pros And Consequences Of Criminal Justice

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The criminal justice system is agencies set in place by the government to control crime and give punishment to those that violate the law. The criminal justice system is comprised of three major institutions which are law enforcement, the court system and corrections. Law enforcement are the ones who enforce the law and then remind arrestees of these rights. The fourth amendment which is prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures of one before he/she is questioned. You have several parts of the criminal justice system like law enforcement, prosecution, defense attorneys, you have the court system there are restrictions on a case being prosecuted including the right to confront ones accusers. Nevertheless, the courts are run by judges, all of these are to ensure a fair trial for the accused. Finally the corrections, when there is a conviction and the charges given for jail time the defended will be sent to the corrections system for punishment. As it concerns the victim civil court proceedings as victims speak out more against wrong doers, the offender will know there are consequences. It allows the victim to feel empowered verse being afraid or feelings of hopelessness. Victims need to know they have the right to restitution and compensation as a financial means of recovering for lost of wages, hospital bills, counseling cost, and/or property damages. It is always the victims right as to whether they want to pursue civil actions against the offender.
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