Pros And Consequences Of Feminicidio

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Feminicidio is the killing of women for no reason. Sadly, it is has become a primary component of everyday life in Guatemala. Not only does the mass murder of women affect the families of lost loved ones, but also the entire nation as they struggle for economic, sexual, political, and overall justice. Feminicidio has orchestrated a great deal of chaos in Latin America, and even impacts the US as we try to relieve them of their struggles. The issues imposed are of great destruction, and negatively affect many people, groups, and organizations. Blatantly, there are numerous complications involved with such a catastrophe. I believe the three complications that are associated with feminicidio are the promotion of violence, lack of punishment, and…show more content…
The one question I still have is: How is a child in Latin America raised and what morals are they typically taught? I know that poverty, racism, sexism, and lack of education are some of the primary reasons for these murders to occur, but it doesn’t necessarily answer what I’m looking for. I am more concerned with the daily lifestyle of families, specific morals that families attain, genetical characteristics, and much more. I have experienced working with some of Latin America’s youth culture, and I can testify that the children I worked with were awesome, humble kids. They didn’t represent any form of evil, let alone back talking. Therefore, my question has risen from background experience and curiosity. Furthermore, the children who I worked with were ages 5-11. Although that is a relatively young age, they still knew the difference between right and wrong in everything they did. However, all of the articles exhibit the mass destruction that feminicidio has brought, and teenagers are even playing a monumental role in these evil acts. So my question stemmed from that, how does a sweet, innocent Latin American child turn into a cold-blooded killer in just a few

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