Pros And Consequences Of Global Warming

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An increase in the earth’s average temperature is called global warming. It is an adaptation that is believed to be permanently changing the earth's climate. Many scientists are trying to prove that how and why there is an increase in the earth’s temperature. Many greenhouse gases and other human activities are considered to be the foremost cause of global warming. It is really clear that we are not taking a good care of our nature, on which we are dependent. From food, water and even the air we respire we are totally dependent on the nature. But we pollute the same water we drink, and damage the same air we need to respire. We human think that using chemical fertilizers will make our crops healthy and hygienic, unaware of the fact that, sometimes immense use of these chemical fertilizers leaves horrible consequences. Global warming is a very serious issue for humanity, and we are totally unaware of the consequences that will come to us later. Today’s modern technology is the…show more content…
Now a day’s global warming is a very serious problem. People are not supposed to wait for the government to find a solution for this problem. Each of us can bring a change by acquiring responsible lifestyle. It's the only right and suitable way to save our planet before it is too late. According to scientist’s reports, global warming has been rapidly growing since the industrial revolution. In a speed that mankind is damaging the earth's ecosystem, the chance of the existence of several species, including human beings, is endangered. Comparing present day energy and fossil fuel energy, many of us come up with a result that present day energy is expensive. Nevertheless, if people consider the negative cost, which is caused by global warming, this result might be different. Various solutions like planting trees, and finding alternative energy resources might be helpful to fight global
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