Human Trafficking Essay

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Keeping in mind that human trafficking organizations are now spreading into developing countries which have poorer security and is one of the fastest growing black market,

Bearing in mind that human trafficking is the most heinous forms of organized crime and violation of human rights in Europe and the world

Bearing in mind that Every year an increasing number of people fall victim of trafficking, mainly for sexual exploitation (43%), but many for underpaid illegal labour. Such trafficking is the modern form of slavery, which treats human beings as a commodity to be bought and sold, to be put to forced labour, usually in the sex industry, but also, for example in agriculture, households, declared or undeclared sweatshops, to be paid a pittance
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Aware of the importance of educating local populations, especially those of high risk demographics such as women and children, so as to raise awareness of the risks and dangers of human trafficking through regional, locally active aid organizations and…show more content…
Recommends implementing legal measures to protect and rescue victims of human trafficking, particularly the more vulnerable, who are usually women and children.
a) protection to their citizens,
b) Educating youth and adults on preventing trafficking crimes from taking place:
i. In television programs ii. In schools; iii. make some program for victims of human trafficking such as mental treatment
Urges governments to clearly identify and recognize human trafficking in all form condemn and penalize all acts of traffickers, and intermediaries through ways such as, but not limited to;
a. Adopting newlaws or strengthening the legislation that discourages the demand of human exploitation leading to trafficking in person especially trafficking of woman and
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