The Consequences Of Stereotyping

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When you think of stereotyping what do you think of? Do you just think of kids being stereotyped at school? Do you think of how the entire world is affected by stereotyping everyday of their life? Throughout our entire lives we have been taught not to discriminate people based on how they look or how they dress, but have you ever thought judging someone was the same as stereotyping them based on their appearance. Nowadays people get judged based on how they appear to the outside world, when did our world get so cruel that we often stereotype others based on how they present themselves , on what things they enjoy doing, or just off of a name. When did it start to be okay to limit people on their life or tell them what they can and can not due…show more content…
There are just some things you can not learn in school and that is how to deal with the real world, they can help guide but not hold your hand during real life events. Whenever I think of stereotyping all I can think of is history and how much stereotyping has affected our world in such a distraining way.
Throughout history everyone has faced stereotyping, stereotyping is not just a thing that just popped up out of thin air. People have to deal with the consequences everyday due to stereotyping and it honestly shuts down people’s confidence in who they are. With saying this I am meaning towards the Martin Luther King movement, whenever I was younger I read about this, curious to know what type of world I lived in to discriminate based on what a person’s skin color was. But then I realized discrimination has a lot to do with stereotyping because in order to base discriminating off of something there had to be some sort of stereotyping involved to just assume a certain type of race was “bad” or another race was more superior due to another stereotype based on the color of someone’s skin. “I have a dream that my four children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their

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