Invasion Of Privacy Pros And Cons

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Selina Raymond Mrs. Hildebrand English 102 21 March 2018 Invasion of Privacy A relevant issue in society is privacy. Privacy is defined in various ways, such as something being hidden or apart from other people. The most prevalent and important way to define privacy is having unapproved access to one’s personal information. Because of the advancements in technology and social media people post much of their lives on social media and look up the information they are unsure of on search engines such as Google or Bing. Although people do post most of their lives on social media, most of them believe they have the right to determine what information is being posted and obtained from what they post. New studies have recently discovered that websites…show more content…
Boosting the economy, not only benefits a person, but it benefits the whole society. Advertising provides valuable information about products or events in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Not only does it provide valuable information in a cost-effective manner it also creates competition between companies. The article “Pros & Cons of Market” states, “Consumers promotes their interests by looking for the lowest prices and best quality” (Metcalf). The competition between businesses will ensure better quality of their goods and service they provide. Competition is well known for providing great productivity which leaders to a growth in the economy. Not only can competition improve the quality of work, it can also improve innovation. Innovation is an important quality to have in a company because it aids in keeping products and services fresh. “Economic Influence on Marketing” claims, “To keep current, your business has to adapt to changes in the industry and must always keep its eye out for innovative, cutting-edge technology and product improvements” (Bradley). With the advancements of technology today, many new products come out on the market and the consumers taste begin to change. For example, with new technology such as laptops coming on the market to ensure that consumers will buy your product you have to have good advertising. The advertising has to relate interest to consumer along with provide valuable information such as cost and quality. Advertisements arouse competition in companies, which provide better quality in goods and services. While also inspiring innovation, which improves quality of advertising and keeping businesses on their
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