Pros And Disadvantages Of Disruption

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Disruption is effectively a more violent form of competitive innovation. What Christiansen called ‘new market disruption’ occurs when a new product meets a new customer need – or even better – creates customer desire – like Apple did with the iPod and iPhone.
What real disruption does it forces consumers to ask the most primal questions about market places.

Planning for digital disruption
• Adopting digitally disruptive technologies and processes should be a calculated move after careful and detailed analysis of a company’s risk appetite and its capacity for continual change.
• Digital disruption is about creating better brands, resulting in better dialogue with its customers and getting its brands to the market in a faster and more efficient way.
• Digital disruption encourages companies to disrupt its way of doing things with its brands to create a more enjoyable customer experience
• Disruption is about improving the people in a company as well as improving or removing processes.
• Digital disruption can only work successfully in a company that is ready for ongoing change.
• Implementing digital technology is also not about replacing a company’s workforce, but enabling them to develop their careers, using different skills and at the same time contribute to the company’s profits.
• With customers at the centre of a company’s activities the emphasis has moved to the technology savvy and more connected companies.
• The company needs to be one step ahead of its

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