Renewable Energy Advantages

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Since the discovery of fire until late 19th century , human beings relied on renewable energy as an essential part of their life .The present world is moving quick towards improvement of human progress. Enterprises, manufacturing plants, control plants, different government foundations, logical establishments, private associations are experiencing childhood with the premise of accessible characteristic vitality sources. Be that as it may, these sources are restricted and costly. Fossil fuels are the fundamental sources that are being utilized to deliver vitality today. They are quick draining as well as polluting the earth, and influencing the financial soundness of numerous nations. While sustainable power source has been talked about for over three decades, non-renewable energy sources have…show more content…
According to Chineke, Nwofor and Okoro (2010) due to fast populace development and increment in mechanical exercises, more energy is consumed, resulting in natural contamination and monetary challenges subsequently, the requirement for utilising renewable energy has risen. Renewable energy source contributes a brilliant opportunity for mitigation of greenhouse gas emission and diminishing global warming via substituting conventional energy sources. Therefore , sustainable power source will be the best arrangement enough to keep away from noteworthy and perpetual natural and climatic changes. The advantages of the renewable energy are economic and eco friendly, high durability, provide employment opportunities and low maintenance cost. One of the major advantages of using renewable energy is economic and eco friendly which

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