Pros And Disadvantages Of Euthanasia

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Do you understand about the meaning of euthanasia? BBC (1999) said that the Voluntary Euthanasia Society looks to the word 's Greek origins - 'eu ' and 'thanatos ', which together mean 'a good death ' - and say a modern definition is: 'A good death brought about by a doctor providing drugs or an injection to bring a peaceful end to the dying process. Euthanasia is making the patient 's life or death as an act of good faith and with a willingness of physicians, patients and relatives. In order to keep the patient suffering from a condition that cannot maintain or restore the body is unable to return to the original. The euthanasia was divided into two approaches. There are doctors inject or give medication to keep the patient away peacefully without pain or suffering and let the patient leave peacefully without giving any additional medication or treatment. Euthanasia is both people and animals. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the euthanasia.
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So, euthanasia has advantages and disadvantages. Actually, the euthanasia have both advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends on the situation and the decision. The argument on the advantages and disadvantages of euthanasia will always be present. Many supporters and critics have relevant comments about this issue of euthanasia. At the end, no one wants to get lost. There are still heavy discussions revolving around the topic of euthanasia. Both pro and anti-euthanasia have strong points supporting for and against euthanasia. If we look at death as a natural law, the one and only death seem to be murderous is easier to understand. As long as the value of life on this planet is different. If we fired the ammunition on a lost horse, suffered a broken leg accident in the race. Man does not feel guilty, but I think it helps the horse die without suffering pain. But for human life, we are pleased to see that the end-user may be able to survive with complex and expensive medical
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