Pros And Disadvantages Of Global Outsourcing

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Global Outsourcing Outsourcing is one of the best practices which add best value for the business and it is going through a stage of increase growth in the business world nowadays. The increasing of the technology and the competition in the world lead to use best strategies such like the outsourcing to control, manage the information technology and meet the IT need. One important reason for applying outsourcing is the lack of available resources locally. This gap can be covered more outsourcing. The pie chart below declare that the need of outsourcing has been increased last years. In this paper I will illustrate the reasons of using the outsourcing and the company’s risks which may happened. Figure 1: Increasing of use outsourcing (1) Outsourcing is the move of knowledge, information and decision rights to an external IT expert companies to improve their financial performance and enhance their competitiveness. And it has many advantages which help the organizations to achieve the success in the business market, let’s talk about the outsourcing advantages in company such like Apple:
First of all, outsourcing has improved the level of service and the quality too, since Apple have enough outsourcing which help the company to support their services around the world with limited time and high qualified type of services and that lead to save the company time for maintenance, sales and sometimes advertisements then Apple as result will have the time to focus on

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