Pros And Disadvantages Of Globalization And Americanization

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Globalisation is a long-term process. It connects various parts of the world and makes the world more interdependent than ever. In fact, globalisation involves different aspects, including economic, cultural, political and social (National Geographic, n.d.). Advocates of globalisation believe that it is beneficial to both less developed and more developed countries while the opponents think that it does not. This essay attempts to show that globalisation is not a perfect phenomenon and its disadvantages greatly outweigh the advantages. Some people think that globalisation can enrich countries ' cultural diversity as it provides people with alternative lifestyles, eating habits and clothing styles, which are not available for people in the past. For example, Hollywood films are prevalent worldwide and therefore people can enjoy variety of films and also know more about foreign cultures (British Broadcasting Corporation, n.d.). In fact, globalisation can destroy local cultures of some countries. To a certain extent, globalisation is like Westernisation or Americanisation. China is one of the victims. Since globalisation started, many western cultures have been introduced into China, such as pop concerts, musicals, Hollywood films and fast food restaurant. However, the foreign cultures may replace Chinese traditional culture because many people believe that following western culture is a trend while adopting Chinese culture is outdated. To cite an example, many young people
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