Pros And Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

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draft (nuttawipog sukhabanij ) Nuttawipong Sukhabanij 4/11/2557 [ให้ข้อความนี้อยู่ที่ด้านบนของกล่องขาเข้า] ถึง: Introduction Public schooling and homeschooling have always been a competitive choice for the parent in recent years. They both obviously are very tough choices when it comes to a future of the kid. Their goals are the same as to provide a good education. The question is which one is better. The goal for both schooling system are the same, however homeschooling recently has been showing advantages in the student’s life, the study and the result. Social life and personal life I always remembered the day in high school waking up early and trying to catch a bus so I did not have to stand in the sun sweating. In lunch time, my friends and I tried to get through the crowd to get our food and the seat. I am pretty sure that everyone who had been in the high school would understand it. Homeschooling provides freedoms to both body and mind for the student. Without school hours, homework and other restrictions in school, the student experiences a real sense of freedom and lives in the life of his or her choice. Home schooling also prevents the student from bullying, depression, and pressure in normal school life (The pros and cons of Homeschooling, Isabel Shaw). The student doesn’t have to worry about the dress, competitions and other distractions while studying at home, and the most importantly home the safest place(Public school vs. Home

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