Pros And Disadvantages Of Internet

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CYBER FRAUDS By SAI SRI MOURYA PUSULURI Technological advancements have always been a boon and a bane for the human. The Internet is one such thing that humans have found out of the technological advancements. The number of users of the internet has grown exponentially. The evidence is not only demonstrated by figures in developed countries but also in developing countries like India. Internet technologies have been adopted for multiple applications like E-Government, E-Learning, and E-commerce. Many prior studies have found out that internet provides many advantages. For instance, Flexibility and efficiency are primary advantages which can be achieved. However, Internet has several disadvantages in name of cyber fraud, cyber bullying, and cyber terrorism etc., which remain as some serious threats to society. Recent reports have found that such incidents have been increasing in number and so are the victims and losses. It is no doubt that the technology has the lives but on the other hand it is being used to take undue advantage. So one of such undue advantage we are going to discuss here is Cyber Frauds. Let’s have a view over the terms “Cyber” as well as “Frauds”. • Cyber - Cyber means something that is relating to or characteristic of computers, Information technology, and virtual reality. • Fraud - Fraud is a deliberate deception to secure an unfair advantage or deprive a victim of legal right. A fraud can be a civil wrong or a criminal wrong. What is Cyber
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