Pros And Disadvantages Of Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar started off with him being celebrated, showing readers that he was well respected. If not by all, by most. There were the few commoners that did not appreciate the fact people were celebrating Pompey’s defeat, but over half of Rome was celebrating. The group of conspirators started off as Brutus and Cassius discussing how distant Brutus has been. He simply says that he is at war with himself. It is then brought into light that there is fear about Caesar becoming the new leader. When Brutus hears shouting, he fears they made Caesar their king. Cassius is a little surprised and says he assumes Brutus does not want Caesar to be king. Brutus then says, “I would not, Cassius. Yet I love him well” (Page 7, line 87). This then inspires the new plan on killing Caesar. Despite Brutus’ confliction, he decides it is what is best for Rome. There are more disadvantages than advantages in this act, because the conspirators had gone against the minds and beliefs of all of Rome. Starting with the advantages, it is not much that they did accomplish. Hoping the citizens would appreciate and understand their reasons, they went through with the plan. At first, the plan was…show more content…
Handed a case with black man, Tom Robinson, he had to make a choice. To Kill A Mockingbird represents going against the majority by the case of Tom Robinson. Tom was accused of raping and beating a young girl. Atticus took his case, despite him being a black man, and his entire town and family against it. His town hated the fact that an honourble lawyer defend a black man, and his family thought it would ruin the family name by doing so. Atticus took the case, because he said, “…if I didn’t I couldn’t hold up my head in town, I couldn’t represent this county in the legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again.” (Page 78) Unlike the conspiracy to kill Caesar, this action came with different
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