Pros And Disadvantages Of Nigerian Scam

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A Nigerian scam is a fraud that attempts to have individuals send money or disclosed banking account information based on false pretenses. The scammer will contact you unexpectedly by text message, email, letter or through social media. After corresponding with the scammer, they will give you an in-depth story about large amounts of money trapped in banks during events such as coups or civil wars, often located in countries currently in the news. Another scenario is that they may tell you about a ‘difficult to access’ large inheritance because of their government restrictions or taxes in their country. If the scammer had persuaded you, they will then offer you a large sum of money to help them transmit their personal fortune out of the country. Bank account details will possibly be requested to ‘help transfer the money’ but in reality it is used to access your account and steal your funds. Initially small deductions may appear in your bank account. In the event of payments taking place, the scammer may invent new charges that require disbursement before you can acquire your reward. They will continue requesting more cash as long as you will part with it.
An example of a Nigerian Scam is: A woman named Jessica, has received a strange email from someone she does not know. This woman’s name is Tema Williams, and she has emailed
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The most critical issue is misdirection. This denotes the scammers are giving you deceiving data to attempt to steal your money. Another moral issue engaged with a Nigerian scam is the general type of consumers they target. Scammers more often than not approach the most vulnerable individuals in our society, this includes the elderly or the less taught individuals. Scammers focus on these kinds of individuals as they may not be as educated or aware of the dangers of online scams. Unfortunately with these scams moral ethics are pushed to the side as greed consumes the
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