Pros And Disadvantages Of Scuba Diving

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Discover Scuba / Alternate Assignment Scuba diving is one of the best ways to explore the amazing ocean. It’s not as easy just jumping into the water and hoping you see an exotic fish. Before going out, you always want to have the appropriate equipment. First things first, you want to get a good mask that help your underwater experience be the best. There are many masks now a days on the market, usually inexpensive ones will have skirts that are made out of plastic. These plastic skirts aren’t very flexible, they form a poor seal on your face and aren’t very long lasting. When buying a mask, the better option to go with is one made of silicone. Silicone offers a more durable material, forms a better seal on your face, stretches well, and if you take care of them- statistics show that they can last up to ten years. Just like a snorkeling mask, fins are just essential to scuba diving, they are a bit easier to pick, and to see the differences between high quality ones, vs low quality ones. There are open foot fins, and close foot fins. Both have different advantages. The open foot ones allow you to wear a boot, a lot of divers use these to swim at colder depths. The open foot ones weigh less, they are cheaper, divers use these because they already have so much gear on and that weight adds up, so these fins help them because they aren’t as heavy and let them kind of move smoother. Both have dangers, open foot ones wouldn’t feel too nice when you’re around coral reefs, or

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