Pros And Disadvantages Of Skateboarding

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First came the skateboards, and then the longboard skateboards were introduced. A major factor of the longboard is its speed. Having close to two times the length of a skateboard, the longboard can go at a speed way greater than their counterparts. It is estimated that a rider can go up 30mph , a speed which can even exceed this limit if one is riding down a hill.

Longboard skateboards have become a common sight in our streets today. Their users have the ability to travel at high speeds and even perform tricks while at it. Longboarding is arguably everyone 's favorite sport today and the rate at which people are acquiring the riding equipment is amazing. Actually, the only issue posing competition to longboarding speed is the rate at which casualties are being rushed to the emergency room.

From internal bleeding of the head and fractures to traumatic injuries suffered in the brain, longboard skateboarding is leaving an unpleasant trail of hospital cases. There have been more cases of longboard accidents than skaters have been reported to have.

With all these misfortunes, one might think that taking up longboarding as a hobby is nothing but a huge risk to one 's health. It is not. All cases have been a matter of riders ignoring the rules, not having the proper gear or simply just not loving themselves enough. The simplest way of having a great time on your equipment is placing your safety first above all else, whether you are riding a pintail longboard or the more

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