Pros And Disadvantages Of Sulfur Dioxide

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Sulfur Dioxide “You make the world a better place, by making yourself a better person” (Scott Sorrell) Even though there are many sayings to make the world a better place, why don't we see any favorable changes? Changes in humanity, environment, and our global threat. This world can be a better place if we change the way we think now. Greenhouse gasses are one of the main threat that we are facing. Many factors are affecting this problem, especially humans create these elements. Sulfur dioxide is one of the issues that we have now; I repeat one of the issues. The production of the compound results in global warming and health related problems. The solution to this problem may lead to affecting industrial purposes and manufacturers. Sulfur…show more content…
If we find an alternative gas in place of fossil fuels, then it not only reduce So2 but other harmful gasses as well. This will reduce Co2, which is the main contributor to global warming. This will gradually decrease the problem itself. However, if fossil fuels are not used anymore, then the factors will come into act. Many factors affect the solution. For this solution, we are going to discuss economical factor and minority about political. The economic factors play a significant role in the solution. Think about it; the economy is mainly based on successful industries and productions. In these industries, goods are produced in factories, these companies and industries are primary contributors to global warming. As these factories or manufacturers use a significant amount of burning of fossil fuels. This burning of fossil fuels produces Sulfur Dioxide and other harmful gasses that can severely contribute to our predicament Global Warming. If we use an alternative solution for the fossil fuels, we would probably end up having to face many political and economic issues. Even though we have much alternative energy, like solar panels and wind turbines, fossil fuels are the primary lead in the economy. As in, these alternative energies are not efficient and sufficient enough like fossil fuels, to give the manufacturers a solid
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