Disadvantages Of Vegetarianism

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Vegetarianism might be considered a solution to the problem of speciesism as far as it would decrease the number of sufferings imposed by people on animals. The claims in favor of speciesism defend the rights of animals making them equal to the people and raising the problem of speciesism to the new levels. All in all, vegetarianism is considered positive in terms of both the ethical issues and the health of a person, while it also might cause problems to one 's well-being in terms of lacking substances and the issues in the social life explaining one 's choice and almost lacking the possibility of enjoying eating out.
Speaking about disadvantages of vegetarianism, the strongest reason that supports the idea of eating meat and rejects the vegetarian diet is the idea about consuming the meat because of the favorable elements
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This point was also expressed in the essay by Peter Singer who wrote, “... we could satisfy our need for protein and other essential nutrients far more efficiently” with a vegetarian diet (Singer, 2001, p. 279). However, we should know what products can substitute the necessary elements. Therefore, deciding to go on a vegetarian diet is that it brings a lot of health benefits to the organism. The first point to consider is that the diet is low in saturated fats which are characteristic for meat. This is especially positive when considering the chances for decreased levels of cholesterol. Even though some people claim that the essential elements from meat cannot be replaced by anything, there is the possibility to replace them by animal by-products. Moreover, some types of diets are also richer in fiber when compared to the usual meat-based diet. In general, eating vegetarian food might decrease one 's risk of becoming obese, be subjected to heart attack or
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