Pros And Negatives Of City Driving

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City driving – good and bad sides

Everyone should be aware of benefits when driving a motorcycle in crowded traffic, but also there are huge number of situations you should be very aware of, in collision with a car, motorcycle will lose. And so are you as the driver.

Bright side of two wheels

Let’s talk first about bright side, you don’t need to worry about parking spaces and traffic jams. When red light turn on, you are first to go! Moving with ease between the cars is a true time saver. Freeway is the place where you can go fast as speed limit is letting you, wind is always keeping you awake so you don’t need to worry about falling asleep like the car driver do. You are awake and alive as soon you start your engine!
When you come to the traffic accident where all four wheels drivers have to pull over and wait, you can just get off your bike, and go over the sidewalk. Just pass around it, while others have to wait for police and paramedic even the fireman’s to clear the road. Imagine how much the car drivers envy you, they have to wait for hours!
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So just to mention couple of others that you could have in back of your head.
1. Girls really love motorcycle, vibrations of the full throttle is giving them orgasmic experience so you can always pick up the girls at night or day if you want it.
2. Gas – bike is consuming a small amount of gas (money saver)
3. Maintains – not so many part’s like the car, also different driving style is saving your

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