Pros And Negatives Of Recycling

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For the sustenance of a habitable planet, it is imperative that recycling, the gathering and refining of certain materials for the engenderment of new products, takes place. While this form of preserving the planet seems like an impeccable solution to the preservation of natural resources and lessening pollution, it can be taken to a greater extent and could become more accessible for countries that are not as advanced as others. When one wants to examine all aspects of the state of recycling in today’s world, one can analyze the positives of recycling, the negatives of all parts of recycling, and what is being done to compensate for the negatives. After analyzing the ways in which recycling has been successful, one can determine how the environment has been benefited. For example, recycling is enhancing the environment because this process avoids burning trash, which is detrimental to the ozone layer. Furthermore, as societies are advancing in technology, the demand for energy is increasing rapidly; thus, recycling is reducing energy consumption because previously manufactured materials are being used so that new products do not need to be rendered from scratch. “By recycling, you drastically reduce the amount of industrial waste. Instead of those soda cans going into a landfill to clutter the Earth, they’re taken back to the manufacturer to be broken down and reused.” (“Advantages & Disadvantages”). When less waste goes to the landfill, more natural resources can be

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