Sealy Crib Mattress Research Paper

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When you look for a mattress for yourself, Sealy is a name that you may turn to – so why not look to them when you are looking for a crib mattress. Sealy is a name synonymous with quality when it comes to mattresses. The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress has a lot to offer in its own right. From its waterproof surface to its high-density soybean foam-core, this may be the mattress that you have been looking for all along. We will now take a look at the Sealy Crib Mattress.
Let’s take a look at a few of the positives of the Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress:
• Made in the US, the foam used in this crib mattress is CertiPUR Certified and made without formaldehyde, lead, phthalates, mercury, PBDES, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants that are sometimes
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• Due to the embossed cover, if the sheet slides, it may make noise if the baby moves and disturb them.
• The mattress has pinched seams instead of flat seams – may not be a big deal to most.
• The wording on how it is labeled can be misleading. The foam inside the mattress is 22% soybean oil. The tag on the mattress itself lists 27% cotton felt and 73% Polyurethane foam.
• The edge support for toddler beds is lacking as the edge drops significantly. If you are concerned, you may want to consider a safety
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With its moderate price tag, certifications, light-weight design and comfort in mind for the baby, this is definitely a top contender in my mind. I really had to dig deep to find some negatives for this one. Overall, I think this is a good choice.

My First Mattress Memory Foam Crib Mattress
It used to be that memory foam was not safe for crib mattresses. But time and technology have changed. Some of the most advanced crib mattresses available now are memory foam and one of them is by My First Mattress. Not only does this mattress meet CertiPUR-US standards, but it has a 10 year warranty and is hypoallergenic. Let's see what else this crib mattress from My First Mattress has to offer.
Here are a few pros for this memory foam crib mattress:
• The memory foam crib mattress is constructed of premium CertiPUR-US certified flexible polyurethane foam for durability.
• The baby mattress meets and exceeds all federal flammability and CPSC standards.
• The crib mattress is hypoallergenic, mite proof, and phthalate, lead, and microbial free for those who are sensitive to certain materials.
• The plush velour crib mattress cover is soft, waterproof and

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