Social Media Bane

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Social Media

Social media is a tool or feature of the internet to communicate between one person and others which conducted online and allows to interact without being limited space and time. Nowadays, social media is inherent in human life because social media can facilitate our daily activities such as calls, find out information on the Internet, increase general knowledge, etc. As a result, social media has become important of human life. In addition, social media has also had a positive and negative impact on human life.
There are many negative impacts on social media. First, it can cause a students to be lazy to learn. Students who often use social media can interfere with their learning. For example, when a student is at home, he tries
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Crimes that occur in cyberspace can be in the form of tapping and misuse of information or data in the form of electronic, pornography, hacking, internet fraud, gambling, website destruction, etc. With the ability to deliver information that is owned by the Internet, pornography is easily accessed by anyone, resulting in a boost to someone for a criminal.
Fourth, social media can interfere with body health. Based on the research, a lot of bad effects that social media can affect our health. Someone who is active in social media can’t be separated from excessive use of mobile phones cause increased risk of brain cancer. WHO states that the risk of teens affected by brain cancer caused by the use of smartphones is greater than in the elderly because the lifestyle of adolescents who are more often direct contact so much more exposed to radiation from the smartphone. Eyes that are too long to see the smartphone screen can also result in impaired vision.
Even though social media has a lot of negative impact, it also has positive impact. On the positive side, social media can act as a valuable and very useful tool. The first one positive impact is that social media as a place to get and share informations. We can easily get most up to date information around the world through social media sites. People will share important information, so it will not be less update and only within a few minutes after the incident, we have been able to enjoy the
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Social media are not just used to communicate. Nowadays with many people who use social media, it can be used for someone to offer products both goods and services because the cost to offer product in social media is free.
The third is that social media as a place to create social networks. By using social media, we can find our old friends who have been far apart. In addition, we can also add new friends. By using social media, we can communicate with anyone even with people who we haven’t known from all over the world. However, the communication remains intertwined though not face to face directly. These advantages gives us knowledge, exchange mind, and get to know each other's culture.
The development of social media brings great influence to society. Social media has become a very important part in our lives. Besides being able to provide benefits for users, social media also have negative impact. To reduce the negative impact of social media, can be done by changing the habits of the previous socializing in the virtual world to socialize in the real world and reduce the gradual use of smartphones. We as a young generation should be able to use social media wisely, so it can give benefit for
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