Our Dependence On Technology

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In this modern century, it is a common sight to see everyone absorbed in their own technologies. No matter what gender nor age. As a teenager, I admit that I am one of those few people that spends almost every second of my day to surf the internet. On the bright side, technology has helped us to make our works easier. For example, all the machines used in factories, fasten their process of making certain things. Without these technologies, humans will have a much harder time to produce all their daily needs such as foods, houses, and more. However, humans have become too dependent on technologies and that is a very bad habit. As a student, we must do researches in all kind of fields and it is a very easy task as all the information’s is just one click away. But, with this kind of advantage, library has been forgotten. It is very rare to see any students burying their heads in mountain of books just to find information and study. In the 21st century learning, they include High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) that requires students to think outside of the box. To answer these kinds of questions, we must have a wide knowledge in all fields, creativity to connect the facts and…show more content…
As I mentioned, technologies do help us, but it has make our brain lazy to think. If we observe carefully, people nowadays are innovative but not creative. Way back, before technologies are invented, there will be a lot of physicist that keep trying and trying to produce a new idea to improve our lifestyle. In those days, they are creative to connect one knowledge to another, but now humans are getting too pampered by the technologies they have. They no longer have the need or the idea to create new things, the improve the things that are already exists. This shows that having technologies around us every second of our life is making our brain lazier to think and thus making us more
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