Pros Of Confinement Nanny

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If you are going to pay a confinement nanny to come into your home and help take care of your newborn baby, you must take some precautions to make sure you get the most benefit for the investment. You may come to love your nanny as if she is a natural part of your family, but it is still a financial deal. You deserve to get the most from the deal, so consider a few related tips. Don 't Forget Yourself A confinement nanny is there to help take care of you, not just your baby. In fact, many believe that the confinement nanny should primarily care for the new mother so she remains healthy enough to take care of her baby on her own when the confinement period is over. This means you should consider your needs from the nanny, rather than just…show more content…
The nanny may therefore agree to take the baby for you while you take naps as needed. You will naturally contract for the confinement nanny to help you feed the baby properly, but you should ask her to also prepare some healthy meals for you. You will not be able to cook all of your meals on your own, at least right from the beginning. Be Very Clear When setting down with a confinement nanny to discuss the position, be very clear with the duties you would like her to take on. It is best to do this through a confinement nanny service, since they will have standard contracts and duty lists which can serve as a starting point for your discussions. Most agencies will allow you to make some changes or add to the list of duties for additional cost, but it helps to have that initial list of duties and price point to start from. Don 't be Shy Do not feel shy asking for everything that you need from your confinement nanny. Most agencies are ready and willing to meet all of your needs, but you may have to pay a bit more if it means more work than usual for the confinement nanny. If you are not very honest and upfront with your needs, then the contract you create will not be sufficient for your needs. This will leave you dissatisfied in the
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