Essay On Enhanced Drugs In Sports

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Even though using performance enhancement drugs can give athletes benefits, but it can also cause harm and severe danger as well, therefore using drugs in sports should still be illegal. Competitors would prepare harder and try to meet their goals while some will attempt to cheat their way by utilizing enhanced medications to expand their capacities even beyond. The want to win is very affected in the idea of games, and a few competitors will do whatever it takes to ascend to the top. Over the most recent few years, numerous competitors in various games have been caught using performance enhancement drugs. At the point when a competitor tests positive to participate in sports, the competitor is either disqualified or suspended for the entire game. The opposing side believes that the use of performance enhancement drugs are helpful because it makes sports fair and safer. The other side believes that…show more content…
To begin with, performance enhancement drugs are used to improve an athlete’s ability such as feeling no pain, run faster, and improve their strengths. Enhanced medication goes way back when it wasn’t as controversial and people would accept it, but as time when on, enhanced drugs were highly lethal and dangerous. During Ancient Greece, Greeks from the olympic games would use opium juice which is a drug like substance that will help relieve pain from your body (Jenkins). As time passed, on the 1900’s, a cyclist named Tommy Simpson had died by consuming many amounts of amphetamines, which is a drug that will fight off the effect of illness (Slater). This is very controversial because this tells athletes and people that the use of performance enhancement drugs can help you in a way, but can’t help you when you’re highly addictive to it and you can’t control
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