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Fracking is not a new think it was invent seventy years ago in 1947(“ Thanks To Fracking, Earthquake Hazards In Parts Of Oklahoma Now Comparable To”).For most of those years it has been loosely regulated because people were further worried about what was happening with the coal industry. The fracking fluid starts in a tank then it moves through a pipe into a sand truck. Then the mixture is moved into the blending truck. It moves tough one more machine which is the frac pump that pumps it down into the earth(“What is Fracking”). Just in case you don't know how it is done. Even though fracking is happening around the country, it is harming our Earth. It happens more in some places like oklahoma and California than other places. Three reasons that fracking should stop it…show more content…
Probably because the companies use millions of gallons of there fracking mixture with sand, water, and deadly chemicals to dissolve the shale and free the natural gas. When the fracking companies drill into the Earth with fracking fluid they release methane and benzene which are known carcinogens are released. If you don't know carcinogens are gases that can cases cancers.The fracking industry is using the fact that most chemicals have many different names to their advantage, the industry are changing the name they use in their records to make people think that is not that bad because the don't know what they are actually using.Shady. This causes confusion among people on both sides of the argument he fracking industry is using the fact that most chemicals have many different names to their advantage.There is a way to not be tricked, if you search for the chemical by the CAS number it will tell you the correct chemical name no matter what the fracking record says.CAS stands for Chemical Abstracts

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