Pros Of Legalizing Drugs

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Legalizing drugs has been a hot debate topic since the human mind has been effected by outsider chemicals and the topic still lingers. Today; from almost every political view, ethical group, social class, race, gender and age, arguments are thrown out there whether supporting or denouncing the war on drugs. There are three main benefits of legalizing drugs such as; it would be for the benefit of all society because the government could control the drug traffic the economy would develop with such a huge and new area of marketing and also by not splurging government money on useless wars, there must be freedom in democracies, and finally it would help science, art, general knowledge and personal journeys.

Drugs are known to be very
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The situation is exaggerated; not everyone who smokes a joint becomes heroin addict and besides the difference addicted people of today will feel would be a helpful hand of the government. Once the effects are known, the educational system is available to teach the young generation about the use of drugs. Thus, the ignorant teenagers going after any drug they can find because of the peer pressure, without knowing the drug's synergy with their illnesses (for example; weed can actually cause schizophrenia on some, ecstasy may cause a stroke), are now transformed into conscious consumers. The peer pressure is also diminished because drugs are no more illegal and thus doing them is not charming. Other regulations may limit the amount giving and the…show more content…
Legal does not mean unregula-ted. In fact, when it comes to drugs, most supporters of legaliza-tion call for some regulation and control. Legalization of drugs is fully compatible with regulatory efforts restricting access to child-ren, forbidding use while driving or while working in safety-sensitive jobs, banning use in certain locations or situations, controlling the means for manufacture and distribution and crea-ting standards for purity and potency. In other words, drug legaliza-tion is a process that calls for an end to the government-enforced prohi-bition of certain substances.This ranges from full legalization which would remove all control,to partial legalization,which means that drugs would be available. On the other hand, if it is assumed that the govern-ment has the authority to prohibit drugs,it is not enough to say that cer-tain drugs should be illegal because they're dangerous to individuals or society.It must be shown that they are dangerous. On the other hand government has to provide the maximum freedom it can with re-gards to health. And the health part may be handled with edu-cation and regulations. One free of choosing the drugs from a le-gal place without any fear of arrest will be able to try some drugs and find a path to his\her self. This may seem spiritual but thin-king about many
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