Pros Of Single Sex Education

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Boys and girls grow and learn differently. “One is not better than the other -- they are just inherently different”(One classroom, one gender, boys and girls learn differently and thrive in single-sex classrooms, says education activist Betsy Perlman). So because of the differences between boys and girls, single sex education appeared to meet the needs of different learning styles of boys and girls. The definition of single-sex education made by U.S. Department of Education is “education at the elementary, secondary, or postsecondary level in which males or females attend school exclusively with members of their own sex”( Xiong). According to relevant research, there are more than 500 public schools in America offer single-sex
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In conclusion, there are two main advantages of single-sex education. One is single- sex education can help student achieve higher academic achievement. The other is single-sex education can offer students better academic environment.
The disadvantages of single-sex education The students from single-sex schools do not get prepared enough as the students from coed schools in facing the real world, because they are not good at handle the relationships with opposite gender and they are hard to establish a complete gender role in single-sex environment. Firstly, children spend their “formative years in schools developing skills that will help them maintain relationships throughout their lives” (Blake). However, some social interaction between boys and girls do not occur in schools, and this will make students from single-sex schools find it difficult to build meaningful friendships and even successful romantic relationships in the future. Besides, the research made by Dr. Lynn Liben in 2011 shows that “there is strong evidence of negative consequences accompanying segregating by sex and that doing so promotes the development of negative gender stereotypes”(Blake). These biased opinions will make students from single-sex schools difficult to get along with

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