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No matter how careful of a driver you may be, sometimes mistakes happen and that 's okay as long as you learn from them, or they could cost you big. Every state has their own rules and fines in regards to traffic violations. Here is a mini guide to speeding tickets in NY in comparison to other states, so you can be well informed just in case a traffic stop occurs. How much will a speeding ticket in NY cost me? Within the state of NY, the range of ticket prices will differ according to how fast and how many times you have been cited for speeding. According to the New York Governor 's Traffic Safety Committee, in a non-commercial vehicle going 10mph or higher, the lowest possible fine is $90 with the maximum being $150. If you are to be cited for driving over 30 mph, a ticket could run you from $360 to $600!…show more content…
What about other states? With California coming in as the #1 populated state in the U.S, we 'll take a brief look at their rules and fines in comparison to those in New York. The actual prices of traffic tickets in CA are quite hard to determine due to the charges in addition to the base fee that influences the final cost of a ticket. As reported by, all tickets in CA include a surcharge of 20%, which could tack on $8 to a $40 base ticket for example. Coming in as the 2nd most populated state in the country, Texas 's traffic violation fines differ by county, but point system surcharges are the sam across the entire state. Texas 's rules and fines are the most different when compared to NY and CA due to these different prices in different countries rather than actual price ranges to expect when in violation in NY or CA. No matter where you are driving, make sure to always drive safely to avoid being in violation of any of these laws. Remember, these regulations and fines are in place to ensure the safety to yourself and those around you. To talk more about this, or anything related, feel free to Contact Us. Thank

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