Should Electoral College Be Abolished

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The Electoral College is a system stated in the Clause 2 of Section 1 in the Article II of the United States Constitution to elect the President of the United States. According to the Constitution, each state needs to appoint electors, who in turn vote to select the President. The number of electors from each state should be the same as the number of Senators and Representatives that the state entitled in the Congress. Citizens from each state choose the electors through elections. The electors then cast the citizens’ votes for the candidate they prefer. For one to be elected as the President, the candidate needs to get the greatest number of votes. In order to evaluate whether this system is effective or not in the current situation of United States, we need to understand the goals of the setting up of the Electoral College to see if the system has served its purposes. In my opinion, I believe the Electoral College is not a good idea for the United States at the moment. The reasons will be discussed in the following passages. The Electoral College was first set up because the founders of the…show more content…
One famous example is the 2000 presidential election. Al Gore has received half a million more popular votes than George Bush at that time. Nonetheless, Gore lost the Electoral College and Bush became the President instead. To sum up, I believe the necessity of the Electoral College still exists, despite the fact that it is weakened. It is probably one of the best ways to prevent the dominance of highly populated states in the election. However, it creates issues like the election result may not truly reflect the public will, even though this does not happen very often. Reflecting the popular will is one of the important criteria for evaluating an electoral method. Therefore, I hold that the Electoral College is not effective enough at the moment and further modifications may be
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