Prose Narrative In The Maus

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Laziness is people’s natural instincts, that’s the reasons people prefer to read comic books than purely prose narration, they are easier to be understood. Artie uses animals to caricature the situation of Jews’ during WWII. These information are based on his father’s experiences. The main characters are Jewish, German, Polishes, and Americans. All of them are represented in different animals. Why this form of storytelling is more successful than a purely prose narration? He uses animals to represent different countries. These animals’ natural characteristics, symbolic characteristics, physical appearance, and allegorical effectiveness are similar to those countries’ situation and roles. Mice natural characteristics are dirty, nasty, and like to steal foods from others. No one likes them, they treat them as pests. In The Maus, Jews are treated as the mice. They are not free to go anywhere, they need to hide in a place for awhile. Actually, there are not really a safe place for them to stay. Because there may have some treaters. When they go out hunt for foods, they must need to wear masks which pretent themselves as other countries’ citizens. Comparing mice to Jews, Artie had used this animal successfully. Mice always move really fast because they…show more content…
They are good at hunting and they are enemy of mice. At the time of WWII, Hitler- the leader of German hates Jews very much. He brainwashes to Germans that Jews are the thieves, they steal their land, jobs, but they persist to have their own culture. That is because they believe one day they will back to their hometown. For Germans, Jews just like pests and their enemy-mice. That’s the reason german represent cats. Cats are being used successfully in the Maus. When cats see mice; the first impression for cats is to kill and chase them and for mice is to escape. What Hitler had done was horrible. He was like cat- a cold blooded, and merciless
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