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Prose Poetry Analysis The article ‘Working toward special ed inclusion, equity’ was written by Chris Henry. This article is written as an interview with Summer and Caleb, two students with special-needs. This interview took place in Kitsap Sun School District in Washington and was published March 17, 2016. In this article, it conveys a sense of hope for children with special needs that are in the public school system. The tone throughout this article is bliss and optimism for how the future of special-needs students within the classroom will improve. Throughout the article, it switches between Summer, Caleb, their families, and faculty members. Throughout each mini interview with these individuals, the improvement made between Summer and…show more content…
The speaker discusses how both students gained confidence through inclusion within the classroom. Although each child faced various difficulties because of their disabilities, they were able to be viewed as equals from their peers after being placed in the same classroom. Throughout the article the block form plays a major role in exemplifying the tone and the overall theme. At the end of each topic, example, and interview an indent and a line across the entire ending sentence is placed. This helps the reader to identify each person being interviewed as well as who the speaker is discussing (either Caleb or Summer). Also, the author uses bold headlines in order to catch the reader’s eye and provide the overall topic of that particular section. For example when the author begins to introduce the topic of the paragraph he bolds, “Numbers high, not increasing”. Through the organization of the article, the author is able to share a wide-variety of examples and experiences with the reader. As a result, this helps illustrate how beneficial the concept of inclusion and equality has been for Summer and Caleb. Without a doubt, the overall theme of this article is that when schools allow inclusion within the classroom, students with and without disabilities are able to form a bond with their peers and overcome obstacles together. Through inclusion, Summer and Caleb have learned how to deal with
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