Prosecutor Role

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A prosecutor are lawyers that plays an important role in the criminal justice system (Neubauer, D.W., & Fradella, H.F. 2014). In which a person is represented against a person or persons that is charged with violating a crime within the laws of the United States. When an offender committed a first offense majority of the time that offender might receive probation as their punishment. In which the offender might do supervised community service or weekly reports for the return for a suspended sentencing. The prosecutor involvement comes in when the offender decides to revoke their probation agreement this can possibly result in going back to prison to finish off their original sentence. The prosecutor role is to also interact with the police officers by given the officer’s legal advice to help collect…show more content…
This is important for the offender to hire a defense attorney because they’re able to help protect the party or parties from making sure the the law is working as it should. If no attorney is present than the judge is able to delay your case until the offender is able to consult with a lawyer. However, the prosecutor will have to follow cases throughout the judicial process which involves organization skills that’s among the staff and as well as the facility, communicating with all involved parties, this requires the police and other professionals that are involved and most important coordination with additional attorneys ( 2003-2017). It’s a must that a prosecutor is punctual in their attendance. It’s a must as a prosecutor not to overload your cases without additional help from a criminal staff. With a heavy workload it can hinder the party or parties case. Whereas, the quality of representation can lead to disposition of
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