Prospective Anesthesiologist

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Anesthesiologists are the doctors that distribute anesthetics and watch the heart monitors during surgery. You have to take a variety of different science classes. These courses include biology, chemistry, psychology, and a health class in high school. Prospective Anesthesiologist have to get a bachelor's degree and a M.D. degree and pass an exam to practice medicine. In whole Anesthesiologist provide anesthetics which puts the patient in an unconscious state making them completely unknown to the pain they are going through but it is also a very dangerous job because if you administer to much anesthetics it has the potential to kill the patient that you are giving the dose to. Also you will never be out of a job because the demand for Anesthesiologist is rising (Anesthesiologist).…show more content…
You have to get to know the patient before the surgery and you meet with them after the surgery has concluded. You get to know them so you know what type of anesthetic and how much of it to get the patient asleep and numb to the pain for the entire duration of the surgery. You have to be careful because this is also a very dangerous job because you could kill the patient if you administer too much drugs not to mention the fact that you could get sued for killing the patient and lose everything including your nursing license forever. Then you would never be able to be a surgeon or any related field again especially anesthesiologist you would be lucky to get a job at McDonald's because you killed someone. You will be lucky if your living in a box on the side of the road because you could get arrested and get sentenced to 10 to life for involuntary manslaughter. In general this is a very stressful and dangerous job with very high risks
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