Prosperity Theology: The False Faith In Ghana

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Prosperity theology: The False Hope During the 15th century, the Europeans who colonized Africa brought with them many forms of religion such as Christianity and Islam. Before the introduction of religion in Africa, other forms of spirituality existed across the entire continent. The superiority of the Europeans who colonized the continent showed in many aspects such as their language and religion. In present Ghana, Christianity is the most dominant religion followed by Islam. Religion has deeply been rooted in the nature of mankind since many centuries ago. Even within the scope of human rights, religion is considered as an inherent and individual right of man. To me, it is quite intriguing and amazing how centuries have passed and religion still dominates the thinking and behaviour of man typically Africans. An instance of religion dominating the minds of people which I find very hard not to talk about is our late president. Our late president Professor John Evan Atta Mills whom I hold in very high esteem as one of Ghana’s finest Presidents publicly declared his religion as being a stout Christian. In 2011, when citizens condemned him for turning the government house as a prayer camp, he coun-tered by affirming unequivocally that he would not be bothered if a prayer camp was to be made out of the country. This is an extent to which religion dominates the mind-set of man but what is religion? Religion in my opinion is basically a belief

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