Pross And Naeema Azar: An Analysis

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I apologize how gruesome this image is guys! But, hey its almost Halloween. Anyways, this image above is from American Horror Story, Coven. For those of you who are not acquainted with AHS, Coven it’s basically a television series that deals with different horror related events every season. Getting into the spirit of Halloween I decided to watch Coven because it was one of my favorite seasons. However, this scene being gruesome in all stuck out to me significantly because Cordelia Foxx (the woman in the image) had acid thrown onto her eyes which reminded me of the events that had occurred to Long Pross and Naeema Azar. Although Foxx 's situation is completely different from Pross and Azar, it made me recall when their situations were being…show more content…
Just because a woman goes against what their husband 's or anyone in their family believe to being incorrect should not justify them to becoming horribly disfigured. Similarily, further into the novel the Pross story resonated deep into my mind. According to Nicholas D. Kristof, one of the authors of Half the Sky, Pross was kidnapped at the “thirteen” (11) and sold to “a brothel in Cambodia.” When Pross wanted to fight back and escape her situation, the “female brothel owner” punished her by taking one of her eyeballs out with a “metal rod.” The heartbreaking story of Pross is one of the many ways the individuals at a brothel break “the spirits of the young girls” (10). Kristof explains that the way the brothel business is able to thrive is by using the methods of raping, threating, violence, and embarrassing them to use these young girls for their sick desires. Once the girls spirit is completely destroyed this allows the individuals running the brothel to control the girls to the fullest. The image of Pross inside of Half the Sky is engraved in my mind because no one deserves to be treated horrifically or endure horrific
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