Prosthetic Feet Roll Over Form

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This following project deals with the analysis of roll over shapes of three different prosthetic feet, namely the Sach foot, Ranger foot and the Jaipur foot using a self-designed inverted-pendulum like apparatus .Further it was verified as to which of the three widely used prosthetic feet is a better one.
Roll over shapes are the result of transformation of centre of pressure (CoP) of the contact forces from laboratory-based coordinates into shank-based coordinates. It can be represented as an arc of a circle, and the radius is expressed as a percentage of body height. Analysis of roll over shapes gives a promising and product oriented output. It will help in improvising the design of currently used prosthetics (based on their radius of curvature values). They act as an indicator in assisting the alignment of prosthetic leg components.
The analysis was done using a self-designed inverted-pendulum like apparatus in three different conditions: bare feet, heels and shoes. The centre of pressure coordinates were obtained using a force platform and Visual 3d software and were transformed from a laboratory based system to shank based system. The ankle-feet roll over shapes were plotted using origin and excel. Parameters like radius of curvature, centre of curvature and instantaneous radius of curvature were calculated to assess which of the three prosthetic feet
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This can used as a parameter in improvising designs of prosthetic feet, on obtaining the radius of curvature values. Roll over shape is like the fingerprint for a person when it comes to gait. From roll over shapes, we can get radius of curvature, which is a measurement of stability of a person’s gait. The study also showed us results about the three most widely used prosthetic feet, proving Jaipur foot to be a better option when it comes to choosing prosthetic
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